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Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Engage * Challenge * Transform
PathfinderPathfinder programs will be remembered for a lifetime! Our student programs are designed to accelerate progress toward reaching your community’s goals – whatever community that is – school, youth group, family, etc.

We’ll help you choose courses that fit your goals and design a cohesive program from start to finish. Then, step back and watch as your kids grow, explore, and learn through shared experience.

Please take a moment to download our Youth Program Overview. If you’d like more information and detailed class descriptions, please request our Youth Program Guide.

You’ll see that our classes usually fall into one of two categories/goals for your group:
Community, Communication and Cultural Competency Outdoor Challenge and Science/Environmental Enrichment

Community, Communication, & Cultural Competency
Classes such as The Beast, Cast Away! and Drums as Language will help develop the core of a strong community through collaboration and shared experience.

Program Goals:

  • Develop the bonds of community through shared fun, adventure, and challenge
  • Learn tools for communication, critical thinking, and consensus building
  • Apply international leadership techniques to lead with compassion and justice
  • Deepen awareness of your cultural identity-and the cultures of others
  • Learn to celebrate similarities and differences
  • Learn to safely stand up for what is right

We’ve created some templates using our most popular classes for this category.
Leadership, Community and Character
Teambuilding through Outdoor Adventure
Celebration and Group Bonding

These templates will give you an idea of how our classes are organized into a cohesive schedule to achieve your goal and how a typical Pathfinder event is organized.

Outdoor Challenge and Science/Environmental Enrichment
With Adventure Orienteering or Mission Survivor, your students will discover that outdoor challenges are the ideal context for developing personal, social, and environmental responsibility. Our interactive science classes provide hands-on, real life application of your classroom studies.

Program Goals:

  • Better understand the amazing ecosystems of Florida
  • Develop your capacity to enjoy the natural beauty of Florida, safely and with minimal impact
  • Stretch your teamwork and leadership abilities through shared adventure
  • Better understand the interdependence of all life
  • Understand our impact on the environment, and it’s impact on us

Sample templates with these classes and goals:
Florida History
Ecosystems and Inquiry
Water and the Florida Environment
Teambuilding through Outdoor Adventure

Given our mission, we emphasize that Pathfinder is primarily an educational program, not just a recreational one.